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Jomion & The Uklos is a family band from Benin, West Africa, led by Samuel "Jomion" Gnonlonfoun (far right). With his brothers JB (center-right), Mathieu (left) and his daughter Rose (center), Jomion combines traditional rhythms and songs from his country culture with reggae, salsa and jazz to create vibrant, relaxed dance music, he named Whedo-jazz. From 2007 to 2012 Jomion & The Uklos band toured every summer in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland etc...performing in festivals. In 2013 they were invited by the prestigious Harvard University to give a workshop about Beninese traditional music to PHD students in the Ethnomusicology Department. They are based in Brooklyn, NYC and are currently teaching West African Drumming at Stonybrook University (Long Island). Their openness to other cultures earned them a collaboration coming in spring 2022 with the Brazilian Ensemble of University of Florida. They performed on Lincoln Center Out Doors, La Casita, BBKing in Times Square, Bric TV Show, Music Time in Africa (Voice of America Radio Show) and recorded with the icon of music Bobby McFerrin.


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